Okay, so after almost 15 years, I've come to the realization that this website needs an upgrade, and no I don't just mean some new graphics in place of the funny fish I drew in high school. Those are a band-aid. I made this website fresh out of high-school with the help of a buddy, and I have no computer savvy, so the hunt is on for a new website. Hopefully my tired old site will be getting a fresh, new look very soon. In the mean time, bear with me, and please feel free to email me with any questions.




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As a fellow hobbyist, I understand the difficulties associated with obtaining many of the rarer and more interesting species within the aquatic hobby. With this site it is my hope to make some of these creatures available to others. Most if not all of the animals offered in the Fishroom are hobbyist cultured by myself or other experienced hobbyists. Unlike your typical online seller, I buy or trade for almost everything in my collection as frags from others in the hobby, and then take the time to grow them out in my system. This is reflected in the nature of the availability of my corals, as at any given time some things will be available, some with be new and being grown out, and some will be fragged as low as I want to go. The advantage is that while I might be out of something at the moment, I don't get colonies in and sell them completely out and never have them again, but rather maintain these corals long-term and, hopefully, will have more available again later. I will not offer inferior specimens. I'm also happy to consider fair trades. Any questions are welcome.



Space Invaders Pectinia



This is an area of ongoing effort and is far from complete. I now have a good collection of digital photos started, and I'll be continuing to add to it as I go. There are also some photos that I would like to improve on, and there are always new critters coming in to photograph, so there will certainly be more work done on this area. The biggest challenge lies in getting the photos processed and added into the appropriate sections



The Web is a great resource for information, but it can be daunting to search through all of it for the good stuff. The Links page will just be a collection of sites or resources I've found useful or interesting in my own learning and exploring experiences. I'll add to it as I go. If you have a site you'd like to recommend, or would like to link with my site, email me and I'll evaluate whether to put it up.







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